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Lord Fulk de Toron lives in the Canton of Petrea Thule in Ealdormere, where he serves as Castellan and canton Herald.

He received his Award of Arms from the hand of Queen Adrielle Kerrec of Ealdormere at the Twelfth Night revels in the Canton of Monadh in A.S. XLIV.

He maintains a keen interest in the history and development of the Society for Creative Anachronism itself, in particular that of the Kingdom of Ealdormere, and delights in Inter-Kingdom Anthropology. His other interests include heavy fighting (first authorizing at the Battle of Baron's Howe in A.S. XLIV), thrown weapons, heraldry, feasting, leather-working and maille-making (he has abandoned the pursuit of wenching with his engagement to Lady Urraca de la Mar of Petrea Thule.)

His arms are: vert, a maunche argent. Fulk shield done.jpg

Lord Fulk is a former member of House Rougeabeille (as Paul de Trois-Frontières) and the primary author of the Rougeabeille Chronicle, a pseudo-medieval history of the House and the Shire of Trinovantia Nova.

Mundanely, Paul Matisz is a baccalaureate of Trent University with a double major in Ancient Greek and Roman Literature and English Literature.