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Modar Neznanich

Modar joined the SCA in April of 1976. His persona is that of a 16th century Russian Muscovite.

His coat-of-arms is: "Per pale purpure and argent, in fess two mullets of eight interlocking mascles counterchanged."

He has been honored by the Society and his Kingdom with the following awards, titles, recognitions and accolades:

Award of Arms (for offices held and duties performed)

Order of the Leather Mallet (for skill in leathercraft)

Order of the Silver Hammer (for advanced skill in leathercraft)

Order of the Torse (for service)

Order of the Calon Cross (for extended service)

Territorial Baron (Barony of Forgotten Sea 1999-2002)

Court Baron (for service as Territorial Baron)

Order of the Pelican (for exceptional service; noted as Service to Society & Devotion to Heraldry)

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