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==Antonia's Alphabet Soup==
==Antonia's Alphabet Soup==
Harp Argent (Caid)
*Harp Argent (Caid)
Dolphin (Caid)
*Dolphin (Caid)
Lily (Lochac)
*Lily (Lochac)
Tear (Lochac)
*Golden Tear (Lochac)
Queen's Cypher (Aedward II and Yolande II, Lochac)
*Queen's Cypher (Yolande II, Lochac)
Tour d'Or (Southron Gaard)
*Tour d'Or (Southron Gaard)

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Dama Antonia di Benedetto Calvo is a resident of the Barony Southron Gaard in the Kingdom of Lochac.

Colleen Davis is Web Developer from Christchurch, New Zealand.

Antonia's Alphabet Soup

  • AoA
  • Harp Argent (Caid)
  • Dolphin (Caid)
  • Lily (Lochac)
  • Golden Tear (Lochac)
  • Queen's Cypher (Yolande II, Lochac)
  • Tour d'Or (Southron Gaard)
  • Pelican