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=== Interests ===
=== Interests ===
*Late 13th Century [[Mongol|Mongolian]] Empire
*Late 13th Century [[Mongol|Mongolian]] Empire
*Late Mediæval and Renaissance [[polyphonic]] [[music]]
*Late Mediæval and Renaissance [[polyphony|polyphonic]] [[music]]
*SCA [[Armoured combat]]
*SCA [[Armoured combat]]

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Gui von Oberhausen

(Sir Gui Landgraf von Oberhausen)
Arms: Per saltire azure and gules, a Vol within an orle of chain Or

Also known as Kinggiyadai Ba'atur
Arms: Azure, three Crowns Or issuant from a trimount paly argent and sable


I can help You with

  • Construction of SCA Armoured combat wooden shields; particularly laminated curved shields, and leather edging (either tanned or rawhide)
  • Construction of rattan weapons
  • Construction of boffer weapons and shields
  • Basic Mongolian men's costume
  • Part singing (bass and tenor)
  • Design of heraldic devices
  • SCA Armoured combat; especially left-handed fighting


Gui is resident in the College of St Ursula, in the Barony of Rowany, in the Kingdom of Lochac




Roles and Offices