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Lord Grimkirk ap Greymoor currently resides quietly in the Province of Tre-Girt-Sea within the Middle Kingdom, although his travels throughout the Known World are extensive. His journeys have taken him far and wide, including to the mystic orient of the Far West and the ancient ruins of Drachenvald, and extended visits to both the Principalities of Calontir and Outlands, and the beautiful but wild frontier of the Kingdom of Atenveldt. Across his many years within in the Society, he has witnessed (and in some cases, participated in) some of the most wonderous, and most sorrowful moments of the Society.

When free from his duties as squire to his master, Duke Dagan du Darregonne (KSCA, OP), he whiles away his days as a professional student under the watchful gaze of the minions of Saint Vincent DePaul. He has many interests.