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My name is Signore Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi, a mid-fifteenth century Florentine currently residing in the Shire of Deodar in the Kingdom of Calontir. I am the Pursuivant for the Shire of Deodar, a member of the Academy of St. Gabriel, a former heraldry student to HE Master Modar Neznanich, and apprentice to Master Mellitus of Rouncivale. Among my many interests and pursuits are: costuming, heraldry, glass bead making, herbalism, 'kumihimo' (Japanese cord braiding), target archery, and rapier combat. Additionally, I am a member of Clan Blue Feather.


One of my favorite things to do in the SCA is teach...especially when it comes to teaching Newcomers to the Society. I currently teach the following classes at various RUSH events:

  • Introduction to SCA Heraldry
  • SCA Newcomer's Survival Guide to Camping
  • Sumptuary Laws & Customs of Calontir
  • Basic Persona Development
  • Heraldic Badges: What Are They & How To Use Them
  • Introduction to Glass Bead Making

Persona History

Greetings Unto One and All!

I am Giudo, the eldest son of Niccolo (of the Brunelleschi family) and Simona (of the Alberti family). I was born on December 12, 1400, and have two younger brothers, Antonio and Piero.

My father has been an apothecary for many years now, but his health is failing him. The family shop is now under my care as he tries to recuperate from his illnesses. My mother recently passed away, not a full three years ago, of an unknown illness.

My brother, Antonio, has gone missing on the trade routes to the Far East. I have taken over the spice and textile trade that he took care of, as well. I fear that it was his relationship with an Arabic woman named Fatima that has caused him to go missing. She had two children prior to meeting my brother...a daughter, Jamila, and a son, Hassan. But it was the daughter that Fatima bore Antonio that may be the cause of his troubles. Shifa, I believe the girl's name was.

My other brother, Piero, has moved to the countryside since our mother's death. His lady, Gianetta, and their daughter, Lisabetta, have disavowed the family to work the land.

Due to taking over the apothecary shop from my father and the spice and textile trade from my brother, I have remained single, focused on keeping ahead on business. Although there are rumors floating around Florence of several indiscretions, I refuse to let on that any of them may be true (whether they are or not).

Florence still remains a republic, in this year (1429). Thusly, I hold no allegiance to any of the families in this city that are showing signs of political power. I fear that the Medici family will soon rise to power, as they have become much more heavy-handed in their political dealings. They seem to be throwing their weight (and money) around more than in the past few years. Let's just hope that they do not ascend to any real power...for Florence's sake.

The winter months are approaching, and I will soon need to travel northward to Kiev, in the Ukraine, to sell off some of the textiles and spices. The money is desperately needed in order to keep the apothecary shop going in the spring and summer months. I will be returning to the home of Laman, a Russian spice merchant who I have become great friends with. I am greatly amused by his naming me Mishka while there, though. He considers me to be one of his greatest friends, and refuses to call me anything more formal than this.

Timeline of Dates:

  • January 2, 1373: Birth of Niccolo, father of Giudo
  • February 18, 1380: Birth of Simona, mother of Giudo
  • August 30, 1399: Marriage of Simona to Niccolo
  • December 12, 1400: Birth of Giudo
  • June 12, 1403: Birth of Antonio, brother to Giudo
  • May 30, 1405: Birth of Piero, brother to Giudo
  • March 3, 1427: Death of Simona

Alternate Personas

  • Mishka Lamanov (Kiev, Ukraine)

-- I chose the byname of Lamanov because I needed something to do with "llamas". That and I was wanting an excuse to wear something that worked great for winter garb.

  • Jedidiah Glasmon (London, England)

-- Glasmon is in reference to my liking of glasswork...and I've always liked the name Jedidiah.

  • Jibril al-`Attar (Arabic nomad)

-- al-`Attar means "the perfurmer; the druggist" in Arabic...and since I've been playing with an apothecary persona already...why not, right? And Jibril is the Arabic form of "Gabriel"...which is an excellent name.


I also have informally started a personal Household within the Society, which is right now under the "working" name of Compagnia dell'Arcangelo Gabriele (or Company of the Archangel Gabriel). The Compagnia is founded upon the structure of the lay confraternities of Renaissance Italy, while focusing on the chivalric values of Chivalry (Courage), Honor (Honesty), Courtesy (Magnanimity), Charity (Generosity, Largesse), Justice (Mercy), Faith (Hope), and Humility (Nobility). These ideals I believe carry a lot of weight and bear great importance to what I believe to be appropriate for courtiers within the SCA.

Aside from myself, this Household consists of two other individuals at this time:

SCA Timeline

I started in the Society in October of AS XXXI (1996 mundanely, or 1420 according to my persona's history) in the Shire of La Grande Tente. From there, I moved to the Shire of Deodar, where I spent quite a bit of time readjusting to my new home.

On December 11, 2004 (AS XXXIX), HE Master Modar Neznanich formally took me on as one of his students. This happened at the Barony of Forgetten Sea's Kris Kinder event.

On December 25, 2004 (AS XXXIX), His Lordship Padraic MacDubhghaille and Lady Anne of Walnut Grove invited me into their household, which I gladly accepted. With that, I am now a member of House ORU (Orphans 'R' Us).

On February 5, 2005 (AS XXXIX), Their Majesties Garick and Yasamin presented me with an Award of Arms at the Shire of Cum an Iolair's 20th Anniverary Clothier's Seminar event.

On April 20, 2005 (AS XXXIX), HE Master Modar Neznanich invited me into his household, House Leatherwolf, at Melon Wars in the newly elevated Shire of Flinthyll. I was most glad to accept the invitation.

On June 16, 2005 (AS XL), Their Majesties Tristram and Katrine called me forth into Grand Court at Lilies War XIX, where they requested my admitance into the Order of the Torse for service to the Kingdom of Calontir and the Shire of Deodar.

In August 2005 (AS XL), Hurricane Katrina hit the southern reaches of the Principality (soon to be Kingdom) of Glenn Abhann and the Kingdom of Meridies. As part of the relief efforst, I stepped up as the SCA Life Items Coordinator for the Kingdom of Calontir. I have been maintaining the Calon Relief website since then.

Additionally, in August 2005 (AS XL), my primary SCA name of Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi and my device of "Per pale embattled barry purpure and Or and gules, two lozenges in pale Or" were passed by the SCA College of Arms.

In December 2005 (AS XL), I joined the staff of the Royal University of Scir Havoc (RUSH) as a regent.

Additionally, in December 2005 (AS XL), my alternate name of Mishka Lamanov was passed by the SCA College of Arms.

In January 2006 (AS XL), I became the Deputy Kingdom Chatelaine.

As of March 25, 2006 (AS XL), I graduated from my heraldic studies under HE Master Modar Neznanich at the Spring Coronation of TRM Semjaka and Xorazne. Immediately following my graduation, I was then taken on as an apprentice to Master Mellitus of Rouncivale, focusing on glasswork & lampwork.

While disaster relief efforts in Calontir for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita ended back in February, TRM Semjaka and Xorazne saw a need to form a permanent Kingdom office of Disater Relief Coordinator as a proactive measure for future disaster relief needs. On April 1, 2006 (AS XL), Baron Jon, Kingdom Seneschal appointed me as Calontir's first Kingdom Disaster Relief Coordinator.

Favorite Links

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