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'''Canton:''' [[Canton of Attilium]] <br>
'''Canton:''' [[Canton of Attilium]] <br>
'''Barony:''' [[Barony of Windmasters Hill]]br>
'''Barony:''' [[Barony of Windmasters Hill]]br>
'''Kingdom:''' [[Atlantia]]
'''Kingdom:''' [[Atlantia]]br>

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Elisabeth hansler.png

Basic Information

SCAdian Name: Elisabeth Hänsler
Name Approved: April 2007
Alternate SCAdian Name: Emeludt Hänsler - Atlantia LoI dated 2010-02-25(Pending)
Device Approved: November 2009

Canton: Canton of Attilium
Barony: Barony of Windmasters Hillbr> Kingdom: Atlantiabr>

Short Bio

Started in the SCA in spring/summer of 2005 and first event was Celtic Cattle Raids (2005) Currently is the Kingdom of Atlantia Chancellor of Youth. Medieval interests, included but are not limited to: Headwear/Hats, 13th Century Germany, 15th Century Germany, Children and Youth Activities

External Links

The Atlantian Chancellor of Youth Activities
The Atlantia Youth Officers Yahoo! Group
Eme’s SCA Website