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==About Master Dafydd Blaidd, OP==
==About Master Dafydd Blaidd, OP==
I am [[Master]] Dafydd Blaidd, [[Pelican|OP]] of the [[Barony of Flaming Gryphon]], [[Middle Kingdom]].
I am [[Master]] Dafydd Blaidd, [[Pelican|OP]], [[Landed Baron|Baron]] of the [[Barony of Flaming Gryphon]], [[Middle Kingdom]].
My main interests are [[heraldry]], [[fencing]], [[fighting]], [[brewing]], [[dance]], and computers.
My main interests are [[heraldry]], [[fighting]], [[brewing]], [[dance]], and computers. I am the [[Middle Kingdom]] Clerk of Precedence and deputy Web Minister.

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About Master Dafydd Blaidd, OP


I am Master Dafydd Blaidd, OP, Baron of the Barony of Flaming Gryphon, Middle Kingdom.

My main interests are heraldry, fencing, fighting, brewing, dance, and computers.




Award Date
Award of Arms May 27, 1995
Flaming Brand November 4, 1995
Purple Fret March 30, 1996
Gryphon's Plume October 26, 1996
Silver Oak November 1, 1997
Dragon's Heart July 17, 1999
Sable Shield August 21, 1999
Pelican April 1, 2000
Kingdom Augmentation of Arms May 26, 2002
Gryphon's Spear September 10, 2006
Court Baron April 19, 2008