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The University of Ithra in the Kingdom of An Tir was established in A.S. IX to provide an environment for the exchange of knowledge and skills covered by the SCA period, that being roughly 600 A.D. to 1600 A.D. The University of Ithra is a Kingdom-wide educational system focused on sharing knowledge and skills of the Middle Ages and Renaissance as well as of the SCA. University sessions are held throughout the year all over the Kingdom of An Tir.

Peak session times are early spring and fall. There are numerous campuses throughout the Kingdom each headed by a Chancellor whose job it is to arrange sessions for a particular geographic area. The University is governed by a Lord High Regent and a Board of Regents.

The University has much to offer everyone; however, it is particularly helpful to newcomers and others desirous of a rapid and comprehensive introduction to life in the Current Middle Ages. Many students take classes for their own information and pleasure. It can be truthfully said that the University offers classes that students are not likely to find elsewhere. Because the University operates through a Central Registry, any classes taken at any of the campuses throughout the Kingdom apply to the earning of Ithra degrees. These degrees are Lector Artis (“Reader in Arts") and Lector Scientae (“Reader in Sciences"). They do not have application in the modern world, save to enhance the student's understanding of history and historic applications.

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