Unit Commands

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Dress the Line 
The people on the shield wall should reposition so that the front is straight. This positioning helps maintain unit cohesion and allows teammates to guard each other's flanks.
Slow Advance 
Walk slowly forward while maintaining a cleanly dressed formation. Usually the first command issued after the lay-on.
On the Break 
When the unit commander starts screaming something like "GO GO GO" or "BREAK NOW", you should do what you were told to do.
Flank Right/Left
Run around the enemy line in the direction indicated. If correctly executed, the flank maneuver allows many people on your side to attack few people on the enemy side. See Numerical Superiority at Point of Contact
Slide Right/Left
The whole unit should step to the side until told to stop. Usually use before the fight.
Oblique Right/Left
Each person walks diagonally forward. This is a combination of Slow Advance and Slide Right/Left. The shield wall remains parallel to it's starting line-up.
Echelon Right/Left
The person farthest to the right/left starts advancing. The next person follows one step later. The next 1 step later still. The resulting shield wall is on a diagonal but the direction of movement is forward.
Wheel Right/Left
The line should pivot. Unfortunately this command is not clear. It does not say whether the right should advance or fall back. See Flank Right/Left and Refuse the Right/Left.
Refuse the Right/Left
The indicated side should fall back in an orderly fashion. They are refusing to be flanked.