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=== SCA Tournaments ===
In the [[SCA]], tournaments are run for [[heavy]], [[rapier]] and [[light]] [[fighter|combatants]]. There are many [[tournament style]]s, from the classic "tennis" style single kill, single elimination (where each bout consists of one fight, the loser is eliminated, and the winner advances to the next round), the common [[single kill, double elimination tournament|double elimination]] (fighters are eliminated after sustaining two losses) and [[round robin tournament|round robin]] (where every fighter fights every other fighter). Each round may be fought best of one or three fights (commonly) or more. Longer tournaments, such as a best of fifteen fights are sometimes seen. The running of the tournament is the domain of
* the [[Lists Officer]], who determines who fights whom and records results,
* the [[Marshal]]s who inspect the fighters' armor, ensure adherence to the [[Rules of the list]] and supervise bouts, and
* the [[Herald]]s who announce the [[combatant]]s, introduce them to the populace, MC the salutes and announce the victors.
Usually the victor of the tournament wins a simple prize, like a [[tassels|tassel]] for him/herself, and a [[token]] for his/her [[consort]]. There are often prizes for the Most [[Chivalry|Chivalric]], Best [[dying|Death]] or Most Entertaining fighter as well.
Tournaments are also a great opportunity to lounge around in [[pavilion]]s or under sunshades, eat, [[drink]], socialise and work on small projects surrounded by other people doing much the same thing.
In Victoria, the best opportunity to see one in action is to pop along to [[Stormhold]]'s [[Monthly Bash]], held on the 1st Sunday of every month from 1pm at John Gardiner Reserve, Auburn Rd, Hawthorn.

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