Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson

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Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson was a notable SCAdian who dwelt in what would become the Kingdom of Ealdormere. His full title was Duke Sir Thorbjorn Osis Brandsson, having been in his time King of the Midrealm twice and Prince of Ealdormere. He was knighted in A.S.XXVIII by King Cordigan of the Middle Kingdom.

Sir Thorbjorn is mentioned extensively in the Chronicles of Eoforwic, having been active in that canton for many years, although originally under the name Osis of the Livery. It was rumoured widely that his addubment was withheld by the Chivalry for years until he styled himself differently. An amusing anecdote in the Fifth Book of the Chronicles details how Sir Thorbjorn "discovered" his first name and was promptly knighted for it.

Sir Thorbjorn's second reign in the Midrealm was notable for the way it started, being the first reign after the Interregnum of A.S. XXX. Thorbjorn was also the first Midrealm king to require all three orders of peerage, the Royal Peers and the Baronage to formally swear fealty to the thone at the start of his reign; such formal homage had previously been done only by the Chivalry.

Sir Thorbjorn's blazon is: Argent a wolf's head cabossed on a chief embattled sable three cups argent.

Duke Sir Thorbjorn passed away in A.S. XXXIV. He is memorialized in a kingdom-level award in Ealdormere, the Order of Thorbjorn's Hammer, which is awarded for excellence in martial endeavours.