Ther ys ne rose of swych vertu

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Ther is ne Rose of Swych Vertu (Abc notation)

T:There is ne rose of swych vertu
C:Anonymous (English)
N:transcribed by Myscha Aiken from Nancho Alvarez
z2 C | E2 F | G A>G | G>^F F/E/ | G3 | z2 G |
w:Ther ys ne rose of- swych- ver--tu--- as
G F2 | E>D F/E/ | C-C/ B,/ B,/A,/ | C3 ||
w:ys the rose-- that-- bar--- Jhe--su.
z2 G | E>D E/F/ | G A2 | G2 E | F E>D | E z D/E/ | C>B, C/B,/ | G,>A, B, | C2 B, |
w:Ther ys-- ne-- rose of swych-- ver---tu as-- is-- the-- rose-- that bar Jhe-
C2 z | C>DE/F/ | G F/E/ D | C2 B, | D C A, | B,/C/D/C/F/E/ | C>B, B,/A,/ | C3 ||
w: su. Al----le---lu----------------ia