The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary

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The Pennsic War: A Video documentary is the largest documentary ever made of the Pennsic War. It was created by Duckball Home Video, a small group of independent videographers located in Brooklyn, NY (Canton of Brokenbridge). They had met Ervald the Optimistic through a mutual friend at a bar known as Gallagher's Ships Mast, and upon learning about the SCA, decided they wanted to make a documentary about it. They headed out to Pennsic with three cameras and five crew, and shot 50 hours of footage. It turned out to be a 68 minute documentary, covering Pennsic XX, including interviews with such folks as Duke Sir Cariadoc of the Bow, Master El of the Two Knives, and others. It sold over 400 copies in two years.

In 2000, Watch This Space Enterprises (a company belonging to Ervald the Optimistic) acquired the video and the surviving raw footage (about 40% of it, that which was shot by one of the videographers, had disappeared). He edited together 47 minutes of footage and packaged a new edition, which is now available through the Watch This Space website and on

In 2007, the Special Edition was released on DVD. In 2011, it was announced that Ervald will be shooting a follow-up video at Pennsic IV to be titled "Return to Pennsic."