The Flying Ypotryll

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The Flying Ypotryll is an SCA household primarily of Stormholders. It was originally run by privateer Master Hanbal Al Barbary (Hanbal Reis al Barbary being the preferred usage of his name). During his term as Baron of Stormhold, he passed command over to Dubhghaill (Doyle) but has since gained control again. His 'crew' are skilled in many fields and much more devious in others. Just make sure you can afford their services!

The main symbol of the household is a blue field with a white ypotryll skull on a pair of crossed yellow cutlasses, and they can be distinguished by their prominent display of blue and yellow everywhere (along with pirate miscellany).

Their website used to be

The crew of the Flying Ypotryll are from various backgrounds across the SCA - brought together by the ideals of fun, frivolity & piracy. Hanbal with his crew are responsible for initiating the children's quests on the Saturday each year at Rowany Festival.