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Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.



  • Tarlettes. Tartletes in the process.
  • foile of dowhz, or dowght. A leaf of paste.
  • fars. Forced-meat.
  • helde. Cast.

Period Recipe

From the Forme of Cury.




  • hoole, whole.

Modern Recipe

Take veal, boiled and grind it small. Take hard boiled eggs and grind it with whole prunes, dates cored, pinenuts, raisins, whole spices and powdered, sugar and salt. Make a little coffin, fill them and bake and servie it forth.



  1. Slice the veal into strips and boil it with a dash of vinegar and a pinch of salt. Hard boil and cool two eggs. While they boil, mince the prunes, dates, raisins and pine nuts and mix in a bowl. Mince the veal and mash the eggs when they are done, and add them to the bowl. Then add the spices and mix the lot thoroughly.
  2. Using your favourite shortcrust pastry, after first greasing the muffin tray, line the molds with the pastry. Spoon in the filling, and cover with more pastry.
  3. Cook in a medium oven for 25 minutes (fan forced convection) or a bit longer in a conventional oven. When the pastry is golden brown it is done. Serve it first (not fourth, that's too long to wait!).


Changes in the balance of taste are easily achieved by altering the quantities of filling types. The above recipe is about as fruity as I would want to go. You could use more meat, and less fruit. A sweeter tart could be made by adding sugar (it's in the recipe, but I don't have a sweet tooth, so I left it out). More pepper would make it spicier. You could also use saffron, cumin, long pepper, anise or other spices. This would work fine as a pie, too, rather than a tart.


Gwynfor Lwyd


The historical version of this recipe was taken from the Project Gutenberg e-text of the Forme of Cury.