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A drinking utensil somewhat like a modern mug. They're a cup with a handle at the side, either metal, wood or ceramic.

In your drunken stumbles at camping events, such as Rowany or (even better) Pennsic, you may like to attatch your tankard to your belt with a chain so you don't lose it.

Wood is more likely to leak, but great for hot drinks, moderately durable and sometime lighter. Ceramic breaks easily (depending upon the particular ceramic), but is pretty, probably more common in period, but not the thing for your drinking spree. Metal cups and hot drinks are a recepie for disaster. However, no matter how much you drop them, they can be beaten back into shape after a long night in the tavern, a great advantage.

Tip of the day: For maximum efficiency drink beer, cider and water from a tankard (you get more), and wine and mead from a goblet (you'll regret the hangover less in the morning).