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While I'm sure Terry Pratchett has popularised this word in the north american context, i know I've used twee on occasion since childhood.

Also, do we need to use "smalls" here or anywhere else other than in a definintion of itself and children? I don't see any gain over using children, which is medieval and non-regional (smalls isn't used in Australian SCA).

Tiff (who know she should just edit the article, but is lazy)

I'm not really sure about regional differneces, but Twee is used in the Midrealm and Ealdormere, espcially the term "a little too twee". So I'm pretty sure it counts as an SCAism. And referring to children as "smalls" is common practice across the North American kingdoms of the Knowne Worlde. It isn't in Aus? User:Paul Matisz

It definately counts as an scaism in north america, but It just isn't true that terry pratchett invented it. (It definately gets an SCAism tag). At Australian events you'll find the word being used to the same extent as in the general population (ie rarely, but understood). And yes, I've never heard children referred to as smalls, that's why I'm editing it to children - It's your meaning that's important, not the slang used, and everyone will understand it first time around if we use children. (change it to 'little' or 'small children' if that conveys the meaning better) Tiff

"Twee", it should also be noted, in the context of children (or smalls), can mean the age between 2 and 4, or a peice of wood, from a small twig to most of an ancient oak.

I never claimed Terry Pratchett invented the word "twee". I wrote that he POPULARIZED it. Discworld novels are extremely popular with the North American SCA crowd. Calling something "Twee" is also popular, such as happened at the St. Maximus' Day court here in Ealdormere. Scripting light-hearted banter between the Throne and the Pells during a presentation a patent of arms is just a little too twee. User:Paul Matisz -- 12 April 2006