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In the sentence "They are particuarly useful when making early shoe soles." I think you might need to define "early" better. By the 8th C edge flesh seams seem to be throroughly dominant seam to attach shoe soles. As far as I can find out quickly, tunnel stitch was used to attach secondry soles (clumps) to Roman shoes, but edge flesh seams to attach the soles to the uppers (what I'd call attaching the sole).

I'm not sure everyone else would say Roman = all of early (ie most scaers refer to 10th C as early, or in shoe history stone are early shoes). Please enlighten me, or refine your terms.

Honestly appreciating your work! Tiff 07:10, 23 Jan 2006 (CST)

There you go. A year late admittedly.--User 144 17:50, 27 January 2007 (EST)