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Revision as of 06:27, 5 November 2003 by JakeVortex (talk | contribs) (What is the SCA angle?)
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Nice work, Anton. I've made a couple of changes, including adding the "Rule of Victor", but I've got a couple of other suggestions -

  • A lot of it is better suited to articles like Papacy, Roman Catholic Church, and Investiture dispute. Reformation should really be an outline of the Reformation.
  • Wiki articles are designed to be edited by everyone- it's best to keep personal pronouns, names and the like out of Cunnan articles.
  • Is it Lollardry or Lollardism? I've always thought Lollardry = the tenets of Lollards, Lollardism = practice of Lollardry.


I'm still new here and figuring out what goes where. There is some good history in this that seems like it would fit better on and the Cunnan article could work to make the history relevant to SCA folks. How does this affect someone's persona? Which contries were predominantly on which side? What were the consequences of being on the "wrong" side? How would this affect your costume? (E.g., did it affect the wearing of the rosary? etc.) ~ JakeVortex 06:27, 5 Nov 2003 (EST)