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Bear Dance ? -- Unknown to we poor Brits -- any chance of an article, in due course.
--Simoncursitor 03:04, 10 Oct 2004 (EST)

  • Also known as the Musician's Curse. The idea is that it is a medieval Bus Stop where the dancers battle the musicians. The music gradually gets faster with every repeat. The dancers drop out once they can't keep up. If all dancers stop before the music does, the musicians win. If the musicians can't get any faster or stop, the remaining dancers win.
The dance steps for each dancer (from memory) are SL,SR, spinL and clap, SR, SL, spinR and clap(can't remember how many repeats) turn to face R with the cross-leg twist, then lots of kicks (I do them to 1234 pause 56), spinL, kicks, spinR, (repeats?) turn to face R and start again.
- Cian Gillebhrath 11:02, 11 Oct 2004 (EST)