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Cunnan Focus?

Is this a medieval reenactment wiki or an SCA wiki? The whole thing looks like it has been set up presuming that the SCA way of doing things is the only way it is done.

So which is the truth? Is it a badly-designed medieval reenactment wiki or is it a SCA wiki that misrepresents itself as a medieval reenactment wiki?

It's a medieval reenactment wiki, plain and simple, but wikis always reflect the people who contribute to them. Currently, the only contributors (as far as I know) are people from the SCA, so the design, content, the main page, and opinions are all SCA oriented. We write what we know. If you'd like to add non-SCA content, please go right ahead. Morgant 11:36, 15 Aug 2003 (EST)
Well, it was, way back when we started, a medieval reenactment wiki, and it still is but (almost?) everyone who contributes is in the SCA. I'd be willing to change the explanation on the front page if people think its misleading. - Tobin 12:23, 15 Aug 2003 (EST)

Arts & Sciences

Okie dokie, re the crafts/sciences. What would you have things such as astronomy under? It could be argued that there are no arts in the SCA only crafts (or the emulation of period art, at any rate). I'll agree that no true science in done in the SCA but there are certainly people who apply themselves to the study of period sciences.

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong (is this the first wiki argument? ;-) - Tobin 14:10 6 Aug 2003 (EST)

- Tobin: *I* feel that there's a number of people who do the 'crafts' of olde, and VERY few who actually do astronomy - and then they aren't doing the science of it, mearly recreating the 'elements' that were developed.
Why not leave it as craft and see how many people actually object ? never hurt to irritate anyone :)
Point taken but there are people that do astronomy and I dont think it should be thought of as a craft. - Tobin
When more than 3 people use test tubes and actually reinvent the wheel, rather than just follow someonelses work - sold. till then No Dice. The SCA does Crafts.
Follow someone else's work vs. reinventing the wheel? I think it's important to distinguish between science and scientific discoveries. Nobody's claiming to be making scientific discoveries - these have already been made. Think about it like Crafts - nobody's inventing new ways of doing things - we're trying to recreate what was done before. We're investigating science as it was done during the middle ages. I enjoy researching medieval cryptography - it doesn't mean that I have to invent new methods of frequency analysis. Also, and more importantly, Arts, Crafts & Sciences is a pain to say. Morgant 11:22 11 Aug 2003 (EST)

Arts & Sciences (again)

A google search reveals something in the region of 1,500 results for "sca "arts and crafts"" but more than 7,500 results for "sca "arts and sciences"". I've never met an A & C officer and doubt I ever will (even if that is a more accurate term. Shoule we start calling all constables "order enforcing people" just because some people think "constable" suggests that they are part of the police force?)

The point I'm trying to make is that, regardless of accuracy, people say A & S not A & C (if you were searching for A & S stuff on the web which would be seaching for?) If the SCA is a game then it really doesn't matter but there is no point in being non-standard. - Tobin 21:29, 25 Aug 2003 (EST)

Newt: Well let's start a trend, Tobin! We can slowly change the SCA to our way of thinking. Hmm.. I see what you're saying but I think with regards to the wiki we're just looking for ways of grouping topics nicely. There's nothing much to put under 'sciences', but you can very easily split up our 'arts' (which is currently damn huge) into 'arts' and 'crafts'. Re: knowne worlde handbooke... Sui des have a point!