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The version of the Indian Rope Trick mentioned in this article actually refers to two seperate tricks, the rope that a boy can magically climb without support, and the basket trick where a boy is hacked to pieces before being resurrected. It is only in the 19th century that these two tricks fused into what is now considered to be the Indian Rope Trick.

However, as I am the sort of person who wants to have references to cite when writing things in the wiki, I won't change the details until I have the sources to back up my claims.

Until then, if anyone has any more information about the rope trick, then speak up!

  • I'm sure I remember reading that the IRT -- in the Modern, at least -- was the product of a 1930's newspaperman who faked the 1890s (or whenever) account and then hid away and let it be taken for authentic.

Not that I'm saying Polo didn't see it, just that I doubt if what he saw bears any resemblance to the modern version. --Simoncursitor 03:55, 2 Dec 2005 (CST)