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changed Barun/Barunin to Baron/Baronin see:

Dear anonymous, While you are very probably correct, all your citation shows is that the modern German word for that rank is "Baron" and does not tender any evidence for what the medieval version of this word is. I note that an <sca barony in Germany|> uses "Baron" not the more eastern sounding "Barun" (circumstantial evidence only), but that Barun has been given by the sca college of arms, who presumably had some reason (even if a wrong one) to do so. The academy of st gabriel appears to be silent on the matter. I can't think it difficult to research if you have original German texts (medieval german seems less different to modern than english), unless it is quite rare compared to Freiherr.

If you know more about the subject, I think it would be worth noting why the sca college of heralds were wrong (as a common misconception, but with a better citation) and also explaining when one would use Frieherr instead of Baron. I'm leaving your correctin for now, but I'd really love to see better justification - replacing one word that hasn't been proven right with annother that hasn't been proven right isn't very good recreation.