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Most of the links to this page are for clothing. I personally dislike pages solely for disambiguation, but this may be a case for one. I can see three options here:

  • Leave the page as it is. (People wanting clothing can get there easily enough, and we can gradually cut back on the erroneous links)
  • Change the page back to a redirect for clothing and create a page called garb (Heraldry)
  • Make the page a disambiguation page and create a page called garb (Heraldry)

  • My theory (and what it is, by Miss Ann Elk ... sorry Python-ism creeping in there) is that since it seems accepted that garb is not the right term for clothing (in period or out), we need to steer people away from it. Ideally, (with my interest in heraldry being stronger than in period clothes), I'd like to see a slightly longer article on the heraldic aspect, and then a footnote to garb as a (false) synonym for period clothes, noting it as an SCAism.
The in-links could then be pruned, with either their original text revised to flag "clothing" rather than "garb" as the link term, or the link simply revised to send the reader to the "clothing" page.
Only mine own thoughts, however. --Simoncursitor 02:50, 8 Sep 2005 (CDT)