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There is duplication of information about "Other Fencing Awards" on this page and on the White Scarf page. Some sort of rationalization should probably done - one or the other should be a link. It probably makes the most sense for the WS page section to link back to this one. AlexandreDavigne 23:20, 9 June 2007 (EST)

dear anonymous, I love the new edit, it adds a lot of good detail. Thanks! I did notice a few very small details that were in the old version did escape the new (as far as i could tell browsing). I was wondering if perhaps you could work them back into the article, to make the REALLY good article you've written even better.

  • "With the rise of the musket, heavy plate armour became almost useless and was shed by some in exchange for light armour and light weaponry such as the rapier - which were quick and effective (in civilian situations)." - This looks like it belongs in an article on historical fencing/rapier/epee etc. The format we ususally use when such a division occurs is to have a large section "historical X" and then annother large section on "X in the SCA". I think this with a bit more detail would be great. (eg expand upon what the period fencing manuals are and when they were written, as well as what we know about how rapiers were used and when - for all we know at the moment vikings could have used them).
  • "(the Art of Defence, Rapier Combat, Period Fencing, Light Combat - the term used varies a great deal from place to place)" - I think it is useful to mention the alternate terms so people know we may be talking about the same thing despite their regional term.
  • Some kingdoms also have a guild or guild-like structure in place for their fencing programs, such as:
    • League of Rapier Acadamies in the East Kingdom
    • Guild of Defence in the Kingdom of Lochac - Tournaments are held at regular intervals, one of the most interesting and fun being the Queen's glove of courtesy held at the Rowany Festival (where we get to see interesting styles such as "rapier and song" vs "rapier and satyrical verse").
      • needs editing (remove some of the localisms to a new page perhaps), but i think it is a good idea to mention rapier guilds since they seem to give a lot of suport in areas where they are present.

The new article is great stuff, more please! Tiff 00:28, 19 November 2006 (EST)


I have de-categorised the "medieval recreation" tag, as a) this is the only article in that category b) as I understand it, most everything in here that isn't Real History is MR. --Simoncursitor 21:33, 20 February 2007 (EST)

expanded Parrying Devices

Hi. New guy (48 hours) here. I wanted to expand the section on parrying devices in general, and to do that I had to re-structure the hierarchy a bit. I hope I didn't get carried away. Is everybody cool with the changes?

Finding a place for an orphaned article

Can someone better informed of fencing find a place to include cloak and dagger in this article? It is an orphaned article that would go well here. -- Sarah Van Der Goes 04:30, 18 July 2007 (EST)