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Revision as of 16:39, 29 December 2005 by Asfridhr (talk | contribs) (discussion: 11th century iron age.)
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Thank-you for fixing up my mistakes, Cian.

Is there anything else I should be adding to this article (other than the usual random updating that naturally occurs on wikis)? How detailed and obsessive can one article get before it gets too damn scary?

  • That's okay. The main thing to remember is that most pages are for singular nouns, not plurals (of course, shoes is an exception).So a link is for mitten not mittens. Of course, someone might have to write the corresponding page too.

    The main thing I as a recreater would like to know is what periods is Eura Garb supposed to cover and what does it look like. All you have said is that the early reconstructions seemed to regard it as iron age but the modern reconstructions put them in at least the 11th century. Is there a definite range of years? And other than the link to the peplos page, I have no idea what they look like. A hand-drawn or copyright-free image might be helpful. Also, is this only representative of Finnish clothing or do the experts say that it also reflects the dress of other areas well? - Cian Gillebhrath 21:40, 28 Dec 2005 (CST)
    • Ah, the iron age is the 11th century in the Northern Scandinavian/ Finnish backwaters. (The Iron Age up there lasted from 3000 BC-1000 AD.) Possibly it should be rephrased viking age, as then more people would understand what era? - Asfridhr Ulfvidhardottir