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NOTE: This was an odd thing to stumble across. I invented "enbunjulated" many years ago as a joke. The actual meaning was "attached with a bunji cord" and the first blazon I gave was "a weaselope enbunjalated on a cross," which was a reference to the fact that certain drawings of Celtic deer look more like weasels with horns, thus "weaselope" by analogy with "jackalope" [[1]]. I note that the only reference that pops up on a google search is this: "Sable, a lemming proper in its stupidity enbunjalated to chief." Bunjie-jumping weaselopes, which still makes me giggle. AlexandreDavigne 00:23, 23 January 2008 (EST)

This posture has never been used in the SCA and its inclusion here is either misinformation or simply unadvisable. I'd really like to see this entry deleted - SCA heraldry has enough problems without us perpetrating more on ourselves. Teceangl (College of Arms Herald)