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AAAAAAAAArgh! He was NOT Edward Atheling- he was known as Edward the Exile. Atheling does not mean "Exile" it means "nobly born" or "royally born". His son was Edgar the Atheling. I suggest deleting this stub and redoing it altogether. Streona 09:46, 1 December 2007 (EST)

edward the exile

he is often referred to as atheling as well as exile and you are right that atheling or aetheling refers to noble blood- although it always (in my experience) refers to males in line to the throne and so 'prince' might be more appropriate. Edwards cause of death is unknown. he was old and so it may have been natural causes or william the bastard may have gotten wind of edward (the confessor's) change in plans regarding the succession and had him bumped off as Edward had to travel from Hungary, where he was living.

His son, Edgar was later pronounced king by the witan after harold godwinson fell at hastings but there is no evidence he was ever crowned. he was, however, a focal point of the english reisistance movement until it was crushed by 1071. Harold Gowdinson didn't seize the throne and there is no evidence to suggest he had designs to take it. scholars generally agree he was behind seeking out edward the exile to take the throne and it was, after all the return of the godwins from exile that led to normans being expelled and a change in Edwards choice of succession. Edward had appointed normans to prominant positions and norman castles has already been built and were garrisoned by norman troops in england prior to the conquest. Harold was elected by the witan.