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You make no mention of flat braiding which was evolved from the fishermans net. Flat braiding is from three strings to any number that the braider can use. (I currently can braid up to 120 strings and make a belt 5 inch wide) there are also the woven of braided knots used as buttons or to strenghen the grips of weapons. Helen Vienhage

Is that a bit better now?

Please feel free to describe these techniques, either historical background, or simple descriptions of how these can be done. If you have trouble with the editing, I'll fix it up for you gladly - the written words are the hardest bit for us to obtain.

I'm assuming the flat braids are what is described in some circles as ingerweaving - as found in some viking digs. Am I correct?

I'm very interested in strings from knots. Lucet is one such technique, but generally using a tool. I've been taught annother which requires two strings, and as far as I can tell is different from two coloured lucet. I'd like to find out what your knotting technique is, and also if you know if it was used historically. I've heard the one I've been taught was probably from a 19/20th C peasant tradition, which neither proves nor disproves it historically.

Can you tell you've found one of my topics of interest. I'd love to hear more. Tiff