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I do not concur with the assertion that "Being a banner-bearer is a nice, easy way of getting out onto the war field without having to do anything."

For one, to be a banner-bearer is a position of honour, to be granted to one whose worth, loyalty, and steadfastness are beyond doubt. Even if the bannerer stands at the edge of the battlefield without taking any active part in the conduct of battle, that is a significant responsibility.

And if, as they actually should, a bannerer stays near the person (Monarch, Head of House, Baron, Commander) whose banner they bear, it can be a job requiring a lot of energy and watchfulness. - User:Donal

Do you say this from experience? Don't forget that this statement is about SCA banner bearers, not medieval ones. At the time this page was originally written, it seemed that banner bearers were very rare in the SCA. Lochac seemed to be the only principality/kingdom that supported them within its rules of combat as "light fighters" were uncommon and only tended to be archers in other areas. But even then, there were banner-bearers as a type of non-combatant combatant (which is what the statement is discussing) and combatants who carried banners (which is another classification all together).
Of course, this is a wiki. If you feel that something is incorrect, incomplete, out-of-date or ambiguous, then go ahead and change it. You don't have to ask for permission. However, thank you for bringing it up in this discussion. Everyone now will have a better idea of the context under which you apply any edits to this page (ie. why you made them). - Cian Gillebhrath 09:29, 27 October 2011 (EST)

I have it from the Society Earl Marshal that non-combatant bannerers are not allowed. Perhaps they were at one time, but no more. I intend to write a new entry for the category.