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I put in some stuff under meter. Is this a little hard to comprehend? If so would somebody care to rewrite it. I suppose I could throw in a few examples to help things along. Conrad Leviston 18:18, 19 Jul 2004 (EST)


I'm just traveling through, but I thought the metric section was a nice start. JRR Tolkein has developed a schema of the different types of hemi-stiches in Anglo-Saxon poetry you might find useful to include, and Lewis Turco does a pretty good job of expanding on some of these issues in his _New Book of Forms_. Both Anglo-Saxon and Norse poetry tended to be written in quatrains, often with a master alliterative stress in the second hemi-stich of the second line... when composing poetry you want to sound anglo-saxonish, this really adds a depth IMHO.

Glad you're spreading the word on these forms... your link to "the complete..." is essential, and very nice to find.

Brian James