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Category: Calendar

I have deleted the "Category : Calendar" tag from this entry, because it is the only article attached to that category. This was done with regret -- personally I should like to see a small clutch of caledar-related articles, not least to compare and contrast the differing views of the calendar both across the geographical span of the Known World and the Real World, and also across the chronological span of period. I am therefore leaving this mote, to remind future editors that, if the category is revived, this article deserves to be re-attached to it. -- Simoncursitor

Medieval Timekeeping

Several years ago, I came across a book on the history of sundials. One photo showed a 10th Century English sundial. The hours were layed out on a half circle, which had been divided into eight equal divisions, not the usual twelve. The gnomon was a simple rod that projected straight out. Not very accurate by modern standards but useful enough for local time keeping. I thought the 8-hour division interesting. I wonder if it was due to Danish influence, as the Norse also divided their money and weights into units of eight or sixteen. --Ld Hærek 05:35, 9 December 2006 (EST)