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The most basic of [[garb]] items. If you don't have anything else, you can get away with a '''t-tunic''' for some time, or if you're lazy and like comfy clothes to run around and get messy in - all the time.
#REDIRECT [[Tunic]]
This is basically just a large, long t-shirt or [[dress]] with either long or short [[sleeve]]s.
Both males and females wanting to recreate the look of [[early period dress]] use the T-tunic, however depending on what time or place you wish to research, they can become rather complex. Often, to make the outfit look prettier, [[trim]] can be sewn on as [[edging]], either commercially purchased or made by [[tablet weaving]].
A T-tunic looks quite nice when combined with a [[tabard]], although can be worn as is.
The [[tunic]] is the world's easiest piece of [[SCA]] [[clothing]] to make.
==External Links==
''How do you [[make a T-tunic]]?''
A good link with pictures and intructions to help make several different styles of tunic.

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