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Check out "http://www.pangloss.com/seidel/Shaker/" for the "Shakespearean insult generator"! Huzzah!

A well-dressed gentle was making his way along a coutnry road, when he saw a peasant (or yokel) leaning on a gate.
"Good man," he said. "Canst thou tell me the way to thy noble's hall?"
"Who be thee?" the rural worthy replied.
"I, sir," the gentle replied, wrinking his nose a little at the ripe smell rising from the yokel, "I am one of His Majesty's Commissioners for Oaths."
"Commissioner, eh?"
"Of Oaths?"
"Oh," the peasant says: "Be'ee?"
He beckons the Commissioner closer and, placing his mouth close to the gentle's ear, gives his answer.