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[[image:Svenkolfinna.jpg|thumb|right|Sven & Kolfinna]]
[[image:Svenkolfinna.jpg|thumb|right|Sven & Kolfinna]]
Count '''Sven Orfhendur''' is a notable [[SCAdian]], the 57th King of [[Caid]], who reigned with Dame [[Kolfinna Kottr]].
His [[arms]] are: ''[[argent]], a [[sloth pendant]] [[contourney]] [[vert]] from a rod [[fesswise]] [[sable]].''
*57th King of [[Caid]], reigned with [[Kolfinna kottr]]
==Further Info==
==Further Info==

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Sven & Kolfinna

Count Sven Orfhendur is a notable SCAdian, the 57th King of Caid, who reigned with Dame Kolfinna Kottr.

His arms are: argent, a sloth pendant contourney vert from a rod fesswise sable.

Further Info