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This version sourced from The Mangy Mongol songbook, page 97, AS XLIII.

(Tune: Supercallifragilisticexpialidosious)


Different sets of manacles for every occasion,
Whips and spurs and crops and canes cause bruises and abrasions,
But Super-sado-masochistic-also-flagellation,
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye.

Masochists like to be flogged, chained and humiliated,
Tortured with devices that are very antiquated,
Locked in dungeons, gagged and bound and left to suffer naked,
The trick's to bend an arm or leg but never actually break it.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye.

Sadists like to carry whips, cause bruises, cuts and gashes,
Like to sentence masochists to several hundred lashes,
Tie them up ins traps and chains, puck toenails and eyelashes,
They get aerobic workouts when delivering thrashes.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye.

Sado-masochistic pairs use pain as part of passion,
Get their thrills from when blood spills in an unseemly fashion,
They expect their acts of sex to be acts of aggression,
They could give most torturers some very expert lessons.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye.

Masochists enjoy the pain, they say it brings great pleasure,
Tie them up and prick their skin or beat them at your leisure,
To be beaten black and blue is something that they treasure,
While wrapped up like old King Tut in bandages or leather,
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye.

Sadists like to use their fists or scratch or gouge or pummel,
Force feed their partners excrement using a half-pint funnel,
When their partners shout out 'stop', that's when they start the fun, so,
That's when they will up the pace until the sadist comes, oh.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye.

Sadists like to inflict pain, it heightens their enjoyment,
Masochists enjoy the torture that is dealt out to them,
By bondage or by being whipped with suitable implements,
Some like canes and other like pointed or blunt instruments.
Um-diddle-diddle-diddle, Um-diddley-aye.