Sumer is icumen in

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This song is in abc notation

T:Sumer is icumen in
O:English traditional
N:Notation is abc 1.6
f>e d>e | f>f (3edc | A>A B>G | A2 z2 | F>A G>B |
w:Sum-er is y-cum-en in--, lu-de sing cuc-cu! Grow-eth sed and
A>A G>F | A>c d>d | c2 z2 | f2 d2 | f2 z2 | f2 d2 |
w:blow-eth med and spring-th wu-dé nu. Sing cuc-cu! Sing cuc-
f2 z2 | c>A B>G | A>c (3BAG | A>F G>E | F3 z |
w:cu! A-wé ble-teth af-ter lamb-, lowth af-ter cal-ve cu;
F>A G>B | A>A G>F | A>c d>d | c3 z |
w:Bul-luc stert-eth, buck-é fert-eth, me-rie sing cuc-cu!
f2 d2 | f2 z2 | f2 d2 | f2 z2 ||
w:sing cuc-cu! Sing cuc-cu!