Stormhold/Baronial Level Awards

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  • Baronial Commendation: usually the first award people receive, given for being useful and considerate. A low level service award, primarily.
  • Order of the Silver Drakkar: Baronial level service award for running/assisting with offices, events and general support work
  • Order of the Goutte de Pearl: Baronial level Arts and Sciences award, for work in the creative activities of the SCA.
  • Order of the Gold Drakkar: for exemplary courtesy, chivalry, hospitality and all round niceness... generally only one or two a year are given
  • Order of the Storm Lantern: for teaching the skills of the SCA, whether sevice, A&S or martial.
  • Order of the Gallant Drakkar: for service to the Barony by someone who does not live in the Barony.
  • Order of the Drakkar's Sweep: for cleaning/washing/setting up/kitchen duty/behind the scenes work for events or activities