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Per bend sable and checky argent and azure, in sinister chief a flame of fire proper within a laurel wreath argent.
Founded: A.S. XV
In Kingdom: Caid
Baron: Sven Gunther Alcan
Baroness: Lady Murienn ingen meic Martainn
Modern location
Clark County, NV

Starkhafn is an SCA Barony of the Kingdom of Caid mundanely located in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.


Starkhafn registered as the Shire of Starkhafn in June of 1980 (via Caid), was updated to a Barony in May of 1985 (via Caid). Although the year 1989 is used as year 1 in the celebration of the anniversary of Starkhafn; the Barony's 30th anniversary will be celebrated in 2009.


Meaning: "Stark" for the desert, "hafn" for haven or home.

Established: xxx in West Kingdom Barony: Oct 82.

Area: Las Vegas, Nevada and environs.

Heraldic officer's title: Flame. The herald's title is the name of the principal charge on the arms.

Awards: Flame, Palm.

Newsletter: Stark Ravings, then Camel Droppings and now Baronial Banner.


Fighting Unit(s):

A popular badge associated with Starkhafn registered in October of 1982 plays on a homophone of the name of the Barony to "Star Coffin" and is blazoned as: (Fieldless) A six-sided coffin palewise sable charged in chief with a mullet of eight points argent.

Barons and Baronesses

Starkhafn is currently ruled by Their Excellencies Sir Sven Gunther Alcan and Lady Muirenn ingrein meic Martainn.

See the full list of Baronage at Starkhafn Baronage


In an attempt to promote greater interest in the Toys for Tots progam, the barony issued a toy collection challenge to other groups in Caid for Christmas 2008.


Practicum of the Sword (March)

Arthurian Ball (May)


Hot August Knights (Aug)

Yule (December)

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