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#REDIRECT[[soft drink]]
A '''soft drink''' is a non-alcoholic beverage other than [[water]]. They are typically sweetened to a greater or lesser extent. ''fruit juice'', ''iced tea'' and ''soda pop'' are are all examples of soft drinks. Soft drinks were uncommon in [[period]], as [[tea]]
was unavailable in [[Europe]], [[sugar]] extremely rare, and [[fruit]] juice mostly made into [[wine]]. The closest thing to a [[modern]] soft drink generally available was [[beer|small beer]].
Soft drinks are common at [[SCA]] [[event]]s, as they are safe for children to drink and have no deleterious effects. Many [[fighter]]s prefer athletic drinks like Gatorade rather than water on the [[field]], as they rehydrate more efficiently than water alone.
When [[alcohol]] is mixed with a soft drink, it is referred to as a [[mixed drink]].

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