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The '''Society for Creative Anachronism''' (or SCA for short) are a bunch of fags.
The '''Society for Creative Anachronism''' (or SCA for short) is a hobby organization devoted to studying and re-creating the [[Middle Ages]] and [[Renaissance]], primarily in Western [[Europe]] but also other regions such as the Middle East and Japan. It could be considered a [[historical reenactment]] or [[living history]] organization, but, unlike most such organizations, the SCA does not concentrate on a narrowly-defined time [[period]], let alone a specific war or other event. The SCA also does not have a minimum standard of authenticity. The activities of the SCA have more to do with
re-creation (and recreation) than with re-enactment. Some SCA participants describe the SCA as a large group of people with interlocking hobbies.
At a typical SCA event, you will see a wide range in the quality of re-creations and reenactments. Some individuals may do some aspects of re-creation well (say, [[music]]), while simultaneously doing others poorly (say, [[clothing]]). Still, there is one standard that all participants of official SCA events are held to: participants should try to dress in period (i.e., pre [[17th century]]) garments.
The relatively low requirements to participate are also one of the strengths of the SCA. For example, they make it possible [[to participate in the SCA on a small budget]]. As long as you are genuinely interested in medieval or Renaissance life, there is a place for you in the SCA. If it was a job or a hobby in Period, most likely someone within the SCA practices it, sometimes to an excellent degree. Excellent practitioners are awarded a SCA [[peerage]] (SCA-wide, highest level award) known as the ''[[Order of the Laurel]]''.
The SCA is worldwide in scope. There are active groups all over the [[United States|USA]], [[Canada]], [[Europe]], [[Australia]], and [[New Zealand]] with scattered groups elsewhere. The ''[[Known World]]'' is divided into [[Kingdoms]]. Each Kingdom determines its King and Queen by combat in a crown [[tournament]].
To prepare for tournament and wars, some groups hold 'fight practices' where a unique full contact martial art is practiced. The fighters wear armor (often of their own making) and strike each other with sticks primarily made of [[rattan]] and made to resemble [[sword]]s, [[pike]]s, [[spear]]s, [[axe]]s and other medieval weapons. This '[[Hardsuit]]' or '[[heavy fighting|Heavy Weapons Fighting]]' is interesting among [[martial arts]] for its lack of formalized training, which allows new-comers to add to the game in unpredictable ways. SCA Heavy Weapons Fighters practice many-on-many engagements called melees or wars.
Some groups practice fencing with modified rules that largely disregard [[Olympic Games|Olympic]] fencing rules. As SCA fencing is supposed to recreate courtly dueling, fencers neither recognise right-of-way nor are they forced to stay within a lane, instead fencing "in the round". SCA [[Fencing]] is based on Renaissance fencing manuals and includes two weapon, sword and cape and sword and shield styles.
Some SCA groups hold regular dance practices where [[Renaissance Dance]] and [[English Country Dance]] is taught.
''See also:'' [[Live-action roleplaying games]]
== External Links ==
The SCA website - http://www.sca.org/

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The Society for Creative Anachronism (or SCA for short) are a bunch of fags.