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(to use: click edit, and copy contents of page starting from hall name. Edit index to add new hall name, click on it, paste and fill in, removing bracketed comments)

(on form - remove any unnesecary fields, leave blank any you don't know the answer to. Don't worry we don't need to know the answers to everything, the notes are just there as memory prompts)

  • hall name:
  • hall address:
  • Booking Contact: (name, ph)
  • main hall: (seats xppl, tables provided?, stage?, period feel?)
  • side hall: (if present)
  • kitchen: (no. of ovens, fridges, sinks, size of benches and walking spaces, other features eg microwave, general useablity)
  • toilets: (baby change facilities? diabled access?)
  • other rooms: (if present)
  • price: (specify if saturday, otherdays, all day or evening only, which rooms, bond ammount, how long in advance must pay)
  • transport: (nearest bus, tram, train station, availablity at 11pm saturday, parking - time limit and availablity)
  • conditions:
    • (alcohol allowed ?)
    • (must be out of hall by... ?)
    • (candles ok?)

additional notes:

  • hall availability: (eg low, moderate, high - how many months notice is needed to book? how many saturday nights are already booked by community groups on an all year basis - if known.)
  • details last checked: (give a month and year - prices rise, ovens break, etc)

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