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Sir Forgal Kersetter is one of the most widely known Peers in the SCA. He is the founding member of the Moose Lodge that has produced 34 Peers. An interesting part of Sir Forgal’s history is that he has never been King of any kingdom due to having never fought in any crown list. He has won tourneys, but his career in the United States Military has kept him from taking the crown. Most of his career has been in the service of the King and Queen of Atlantia. He has retired to the Kingdom of Trimaris where his service to the King and Queen of Trimaris is without question.

Sir Forgal Kerstetter was knighted on April 4th, AS 21 (mundanely 1987.) At the Pennsic War of that year he took his first of many squires and founded the Moose Lodge. As his squires themselves became knighted, they decided to remain with Forgal to unite their households in an extended family. The Moose Lodge came to mean more than a household, but a collection of households united in a common vision and purpose.

Sir Forgal's was born April, 2nd 1953 he is the eldest of four brothers. He joined the United States Army and earned the rank of Command Sergeant Major. He is currently retired.

[Moose Lodge][1]

Today the Moose Lodge under Sir Forgal is one of the largest houses in the SCA with 18 Knights, five Laurels and 12 Pelicans.


Sir Forgal has been to many [Pennsic Wars] [2]and has made it his household traditional war till 2010. After Pennsic 39 in AS 45 Sir Forgal made the decision to focus his energies to Gulf Wars.

Gulf Wars

Sir Forgal attended [Gulf Wars 1] [3] and brought with him 17 Atlantians who sided with Ansteorra. Sir Forgal has attend many Gulf Wars and has as of Guld Wars XX made it the offical war of the Moose Lodge.