Shire of Two Seas

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The Shire of the Two Seas is an SCA branch situated in the Central Region of the Kingdom of Drachenwald and covers the Hamburg metropolitan area in Germany.


Two Seas sports some twenty regular members, with some fifteen more playing from time to time. Most of the populace activities run towards A&S. In addition, there now are a slowly growing unit of heavy fighters and a few archers and fencers.

Regular activities include


Legend claims that the Incipient Shire of Two Seas was founded in A.S. XXXIII (1999) by an American student visiting on a scholarship. After two years' hibernation, the native founding members came together for a revival meeting to set the ball rolling again, and since that day, the group has been growing quickly. In A.S. XXXVII (2003), Two Seas was elevated to full status.

In A.S. XXXVIII (2004), Two Seas hosted the Drachenwald Summer Coronation.

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