Shire of Silver Keep

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The Shire of Silverkeep is an SCA branch in the Kingdom of Artemisia, based in Bozeman Montana and includes the entire Gallatin County area. The Shire of Silverkeep is a shire predating the founding of the Kingdom of Artemisia and is known for its friendly folk and enjoyable events.


The Shire has two important events, one is the summer event "Castle Siege" and the winter event "Birthday Bash".

Castle Siege is a weekend camping event built upon the theme of siege warfare. The Silverkeep rapier champion tourney is at this event as is the Shire Bardic champion. Silverkeep has recently built a 40 x 10 foot wooden castle to lay siege upon.

Birthday Bash is Silverkeep's classic event and the event where the Shire (heavy) champion tourney is held. The "bearpit" of Silverkeep is a well known and beloved tournament of the region . Birthday Bash is themed to a changing time and place, (such as the Outremer event of 2010). Held at the Lindly Center in Bozeman it is an indoor event with an included feast.


The Shire has a brewers guild the "Spirits of Silverkeep" that is currently on hiatus until more brewers join it, a woodworkers guild, a blacksmiths guild and a pewterers guild. Lord Fearghus heads the blacksmithing and woodworkers guild, Prior Helmut runs the pewterers guild.

Meetings and Practices

They have a strong relationship with MSU (Montana State University) and hold fighter practices in winter on Sundays at the SOB Barn. They have shire meetings on the first Thursday at MSU as well. In good weather they hold practice at the Bozeman pond.