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[[Okeborne Keep#History of Sable Oak]]
The '''Shire of Sable Oak''' has submitted a new [[name]], the name "Sable Oak" having been returned for conflict by the [[SCA]] [[College of Arms]]. The proposed new name is [[Oakburn Keep]].
The Shire of Sable Oak occupies territory previously held by the defunct [[Shire of Misty Mere]].
=== History of Misty Mere ===
The Shire of Misty Mere was founded by a group of [[University]] of Alabama students who first met in late 1979. It was recognized as an SCA [[branch]] in [[1980]]. There were some 20 people at the first organizational meeting, only two of whom had any previous contact with the SCA - [[Lord]] Jean Pierre de Etonoir and [[Lady]] Melianne d'Avignon, both of whom had newly moved to [[Meridies]] from [[Ansteorra]].
[[category:shires (SCA)|Sable Oak]]

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