Shire of Ranaan

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The Ranaan Shire is the SCA group in that part of the Kingdom of Drachenwald covering Milan and the local area, due to the lack of other shires around has an extension of about 100km.

Early History

The Ranaan Shire was founded in September 1999, after a meeting in England of some brave knights. The name was drawn from a small castle in the Holy Land that has his own legend (about how to conquer a castle with 10 people where 10,000 already failed). The spelling was a little changed from the original, due to being very hard pronounce. The four-pointed star was taken from an Italian church built in 1350.

The first officer of the shire was Victor Draconis, Seneschal. All the others are recorded on the shire's Who's Who web page.

From the very first event the shire always had 90+% of heavies forming the group (yes, you undestood correctly: 9 heavies and 1 lady) and complementary wine. The shire has had many events and everytime all the visitors were happy. Three of them have permanently moved to Italy (one got married).

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