Shire of Owl's Nest

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Owl's Nest
Owls nest device sm.png
Per pale sable and gules an owl displayed within a laurel wreath or, on a chief dovetailed argent three crosses formy sable
Founded: 1989
In Kingdom: Meridies
Seneschal: TH Lord Charles de Joscelynne
Modern location
Kennesaw / Marietta / Smyrna (Georgia)

The Shire of Owl's Nest is the Kennesaw / Marietta / Smyrna (Georgia) (USA) branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism in the Kingdom of Meridies. The Shire meets at 7PM on the first Monday of the month, at the Marietta Central Library.

Owl's Nest was founded in 1989, and was officially granted status as a College in June 1990, under the auspices of the Barony of the South Downs. Meetings were initially held on the campus of Kennesaw State College (now Kennesaw State University) in Kennesaw, Georgia (USA). Unable to secure status as an official college organization or faculty sponsorship because of liability concerns surrounding armored combat, members soon moved the meetings off campus. Owl's Nest maintained its College status because membership was still mostly comprised of college students.

In September 1992, Owl's Nest was elevated to Canton. Membership numbers had stabilized and fewer members were college students.

On September 13, 1997, the Canton of Owl's Nest was elevated to Shire at the coronation of Ard-Righ Ailgheanan Mac Sithigh and Ard-Righan Calleja. Since then, the Shire of Owl's Nest has continued to thrive.

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