Shire of Crescent Moon

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Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon
Founded: A.S. XIII
In Kingdom: Calontir
Seneschal: Hajime Sakuri
Modern location
Topeka, KS, USA.

The Shire of Crescent Moon is an SCA Shire located in the Kingdom of Calontir. Mundanely it encompasses the county of Shawnee, Kansas and is centered in the state's capital, Topeka. The shire's yearly event, Melees & Mayhem, has been a main-stay of the group since 1996.


From the Shire's website:

The Shire of Crescent Moon, as we know it today, was formed in 1978 by Lord Anam, Lady Galawyn and Lord Renwick on a crescent moon night. Galawyn originally attempted to register the name Crescent Moon but there was a Shire in the East Kingdom that already went by that name. They next attempted to register Elenithil, which was rejected due to the name coming from Tolkien Elvish. Finally they settled on Etoiles de Lune (Stars of the Moon) as an alternate (which is what had been registered in January, 1985).
In the late 1980s, there was discussion of changing the name to something more period sounding (like Carlsby) when the herald, Andreas, saw that the East Kingdom Shire had disbanded and the name Crescent Moon was thus available. It was decided to do a name change as our founders had intended.

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